Author: Poo
•7:04 AM
It's vacation time and my kiddos are off to their grandparents house...and generally having a whale of a time there. It's like ice cream craft work atleast per day...lots of yummy finger foods lovingly prepared by my Mom...and old tamil movies!!! Yes, now at 7 years my daughters are crazy about mythological pictures yknow like "Thiruvilaiyaadal", "Saraswathi Sabadham"...etc...infact they get up (I really don't know how!!!) by 9 AM every sunday to watch "Vinayagar Thiruvilaiyaadal"...when usually they sleep till 10 or 10.30 AM during holidays. Infact, me and hubby still sleep till 10 or 10.30...while they watch TV quietly!!! Definitely this is not my gene or hubby's... dunno from where it came!!!

From when they were 3 they were very interested in summer every year I enrolled them in some summer camp where they learnt some craft, drawing, songs etc. Last year I had sent them to a swimming camp which V was not very happy about. But, N on the other hand took to water like fish and did really well.

This year all of us are really lethargic. I am too lethargic to search and enroll them and they too on the other hand are lethargic to go to any camp! They just want to laze around in their grandparents house!!! Guess since laziness is creeping up...they are's my gene there!!! But, still I want them to go for swimming atleast to have some touch...let's see.
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