Author: Poo
•10:06 AM
As usual....I started off this blog with a blunder...I was too excited about starting a blog...and you know...basically introducing myself to the world...that I posted my first post as "About Me" and only after I did a "view blog" did I realise that there was a seperate section for "About Me" I was too embarrassed to leave it I moved the contents from the first post to the "About Me" section....phew...but then how can I leave the first post empy??? That 's inauspicious right?....but I was prepared only to write the "About me" section today...

Ok...since I am already stuck with this confusion, let me just do a flashback "rotate a mosquito coil" ....whenever I used to write an exam, invariably, every first thing I write or every first problem I solve will be incorrect and I will scratch it out and then keep on fretting for it....that I spoiled the first page...also I will hear my mom's voice saying "Already your handwriting is horrible...with all the scratches what first impression the teacher will get?"... but I used to find that everytime that I scratched out the first problem I used to get good marks!!!

Now, you know what I am getting at right?!!! Wink Wink!!!!

Bye for now...
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