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•8:03 AM

I joined back to work when my kids were 5 months old...lucikly for me my hubby was posted in a different city...I got to stay with my parents...we had a struggle to get maids to help in caring for the babies...they were really a handful...

Every moment was a joy...and every milestone they had made me swell with motherly pride...

Frankly speaking...I don't remember many incidents...during their initial years...I should have started blogging then...but no way I could have done it...

During thier second year I made a trip to the US along with my twins all alone as my hubby was posted that's an achievment to brag about for my entire life ain't it!!!! a pic...
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Author: Poo
•7:51 AM

My kiddos were born at 33 weeks and were extremly premature. We had a bigger battle to fight after they were born...a battle of survival...God again gave me the strength to pull along....there were other family problems to contend with too...those were the weakest moments in my life (both physically and emotionally)...I was struggling to be sane...I did come out of it but not as the original me... I had lost myself permanantly...the real me...a person with a spirit to live life to the full...the harsh realities of life and the chameleon like people transformed me into another person...who I am now. I do not know which is good or bad but I do know that I liked the original me better!!!!

I was tested in every way every aspect of life...and I still existed (not lived) in this world. My only ray of darlings...kept me going...

I realise that this is a rather gloomy post and I relived my nighmare again while typing this after 6 years!!!! The wounds bestowed by life run REALLY deep and are difficult to heal...and I realise that some may never heal afterall!!!!!
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Author: Poo
•7:39 AM
But, I think I wished for something wrong....

On the early hours of Dec 1st 2003 (5.00am) my water broke when I was sleeping...I thought I was peeing uncontrollably as my uterus was squashing my me that's exactly how it feels when your water breaks...I screamed and woke hubby and we rushed to the hospital.

The doc came and checked me and said I was nearly 6cm dilated...then she ordered a scan to see the position of the babies. Fortunately or unfortunately they were both head down. So, I proudly walked to the delivery room after series of handshakes and best wishes from my parents and hubby.

The Doc asked whether I wanted to have my hubby or mom with me during delivery which I declined...I wanted to brave the battle alone...I did not want to put them to the trauma of seeing a loved one in pain that they cannot share!!!! Selfless me!!! (actual reason being I did not want anyone to see what a bad pushing job I was doing!!!!)

I went into the room at around 7.00 am and finally after a lot of struggle, my first bundle of joy was born at 9.49 am and my second one was born at 9.56 am.

They were my lovely lil angels...MY daughters...little did I know at that moment that they would change my entire life...or rather they would become my entire world and life!!! I am blessed to have you my angels...if you read this at any point of time in your life please do understand that your mother would have done anything humanely possible to have you as daughters and am extremely grateful to God for giving you to me. I will do all that is possible till the last breath of my life to keep you both happy.
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