Author: Poo
•8:49 AM
When I was through with my 3rd month, I was getting used to being pregnant. I was continuing to work, despite the nausea and vomitting. My office was located a bit far about 40mins ride from home and I had the office bus facility. But, exactly when I completed my 3rd month, my office shifted to a nearer location - about 7 mins ride from home - but no more bus facility was provided. I was scared to travel in an Auto. So, my hubby arranged tourist car to take me to and from office everyday. Meanwhile we started "Driver Hunting" for our car.

One day during my 4th month, when I was in office, I was spotting...I was just stunned...too shocked....started shivering all over...I decided I have lost the baby. I immediately called the tourist cab, called the Doctor (who asked me to come to the hospital right away), then called my mom to be ready at home. I went home, picked up my mom and rushed to the hospital. There the doctor had instructed for a scan (my first one) as soon as I was in. I went in and lay down for the scan waiting for bad news. That was the first worst moment of my life. I felt defeated and cheated and what not. I do not have words to express my emotion. That doctor, had a long face and was scanning me for a looooonnnnngggg time without uttering a word. I got impatient and asked, " Is everything fine?". He said, " Everything is fine.....but...." (Oh my gad that was the "but" I was dreading!!!!...he continued, " it looks like a twin pregnancy"....I was like "WHAT?????????????????????? Can you say that again?". Then he confirmed it was indeed a twin pregnancy. My immediate next question was, " Are both the babies fine?". That's a mother's instinct...even though I was shocked with the news and before it could sink in fully, I owned up both my children and started worrying about both their well being.

Then he said everything is fine and the spotting was just from the mouth of the cervix. Later, they gave me a shot of HCG and sent me home asking me to rest for a week.
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