Author: Poo
•8:06 AM
I took rest for a week and resumed going to work...but once again a week later I had a gush and I was bleeding quite a bit...again the same routine...and the doc said take complete rest for a month and priscribed a shot of HCG every week till 24 weeks.
So now...I was in total panic mode all the time...was eating a lot and resting a lot...these days were not really happy ones...but tension I do not want to elaborate further.
During this time BIL got married...and somehow I made it through the wedding with a great difficulty...and with a lot of people asking "Are you in your 8th month?" when actually I was in my 5th month!!!!
Later I started going to work again with no more mishaps...but the tension was always there.
And now my major problem was the clothing....
I was at home for a month living in housecoats...but when I started to work I found to my shock that none of my old clothes were fitting me...not that I had become fat but my tummy had grown enormously!!!! My mom went for emergency shopping and I had 5 dresses one for each work day!!!
That's when I started measuring my tummy every monday and realised that every week it grew by an inch!!!! I was happy to note that my twins were growing well. I prayed more for their safety now.
In this fashion I moved on till October 2003. Then it was becoming really strenuous to go to work...and my last working day was Oct 30th and my "Valaikappu" was on Oct 31st. I was in my 7th month and my due date was only on Jan 22nd. I was feeling bad as I was wasting a lot of my leave before delivery. I wanted to spend more time with my lil ones after they were born. But I did not have a choice. Did I???
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