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A couple of weeks back, my kids were staying at my mom's place for vacation. My Hubby was out of station (as usual!) and me and my trusted househelp were alone at home and then she too wanted to go to her home town for vacation. So, I thought I will also go to my mom's place for 3 days till hubby come back...with that plan I left home with a bag packed for 3 days. But, God had other plans....

I went there alright and we had a fun time...went for movie "Vaanam"...ok...can be watched once, attended a birthday party of my cousin's kid, went shopping with mom etc etc.

But, suddenly my Chithi, who has come down from UK, and had a Hystrectomy about a month back, developed a complication. She has got herself operated by her own SIL (Ahem! Ahem!) in a "cook gramam" near Coimbatore. I always thought people come to a city to avail all the latest medical facilities, but only in my family do people come from UK to get operated in a remote village in Tamil Nadu!!!! The SIL and her husband were both good doctors alright...but still something went wrong and she had her wound infected again!!! So, the SIL landed up and wanted to take her away to that village again. Now, she did not want to go alone and my mom had to go with her for an INDEFINITE period!!! So, there I was stuck with 2 kids, a dad and a grand mom to look after. What started as a good vacation now became a pain. We had a servant and cook alright...still...

That week end my hubby came back...but no sign of the "trusted" househelp that I had for the last 5 years, so we decided to stay there only till Mom comes back.

Now, finally she is back but is going back again next week to bring chithi back. My kids went to my In laws house for 3 days and I am back home...trying to come back to my usual routine...with new servant. Still hunting for a cook....and hosuehelp!!!
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On May 27, 2011 at 11:36 PM , Gayatri said...

- Don't worry things will get back to normal