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It's Akshaya Trithiya!!!

God knows what it was about 4 years back...we hadn't even heard of such a thing. Thanks to all the Jewellery everyone...whether they have money for food or not, wants to buy atleast a gram of gold on this auspicious day.

Women - do they need any better excuse to buy jewellery??

Anyway, for the past 3 years or so, I too have been allured by this craze (I am a person who doesnt even need this excuse to buy jewellery...its always "We have 2 daughters so we need all the gold in the world for their wedding...see the rates increasing...what better investment other than gold" my usual dialougue). So, if not on the very same day as the "Akshaya Thrithya" I will but something the day before or the day after.(God knows where is the whole logic!!).

This year it is falling tomorrow...but to my shock my hubby is still out of station!!! Being the "Pathini Deivam" that I am I usually do not go out much without my hubby, leave alone jewellery shopping. I mean I have all the financial independance and the poor chap too would not mind...but I always need his reassurance for the purchase of even a safety pin!!!

So, what do I do? Now, here comes the hand of destiny (which I very much trust). Today I went to my new office (I relocated from one branch to another) and friend R suggests we go to a Jewellery shop during lunch!!!! Wow..what a dream come post lunch me, R and F went to a famous jewellery shop were I ususlly buy...and I bought a RING!!! Today's gold rate was 2064! (This I have mentioned for it to be etched in history...I remember my grandma saying "Enga kaalathula ellam, savaran Rs.13 than!!!" when my grandchildren read this, gold rate could be 1 Gram= Rs. 50000 or so!!!).

F bought a pair of lovely Jumkas for his wife (about 5 times the price of the ring that I bought!!! Ahem...Ahem...N are you reading this?). R who basically intiated all this did not like anything and did not buy anything for today. Said she might come back tomorrow!!!

So, finally I have made a solo purchase without hubby or mummy...and am really excited!!! Wanna see his reaction!!!
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On May 7, 2011 at 1:20 AM , Gayatri said...

- Wow! Nice :)
- Post a snap di :D