Author: Poo
•8:09 AM
This was a serious affair as my daughters chose who should be invited, what decorations have to be made, what return gifts need to be given, what food needs to be served etc....they were very clear on what they wanted!!!!!

Many of their classmates, neighbourhood friends etc came to the party along with their Mommies, so we had to plan a good menu and this is what I served. Cake, Bhel Puri, Mac N Cheese, Pizza, Cookies, Rasagollas and Chips. Juice only for Mommies.

Also, it was from this birthday that we started celebrating at 12 ' o clock mid night. We had hung some confetti filled balloons above their bed (after they slept). Then we woke them up at 12 with some scented candles lit and a small was difficult to wake them...but we did and burst the balloons and cut the cake...then my stay-at-home househelp, gave them some gifts that she had bought and it was really darlings all grown up and celebrating at midnight!!!!

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On April 19, 2011 at 10:31 PM , Gayatri said...

- Welcome 'break ke baad' poori :)
- So nice to have a quick glance thru the 7!!!!! yrs of growing up :)
- They look like lil ladies now :D