Author: Poo
•6:55 AM
The first year just rushed past with numerous visits to various doctors...that's all I remember...
I started back on my job when my kiddos were 5 months are few of their first B'day pics...

Hey I remember something....they had 3 first birthday parties!!!

I took them and ventured out of my house about 3 days before their first B'day...I went to HYD along with my FIL to stay at my in laws for a week...but I was in for a surprise...

They just refused to get accustomed to the new surroundings and new faces TOTALLY...and I almost had a nervous breakdown...there were some hard feelings from my In laws I had to return back to Chennai ASAP...which made us prepone their Birthday party by a day on Nov 30th itself. It was a very grand party as my FIL held the highest position in the entire township.

So, on their birthday (Dec 1st) we flew back to chennai and that day evening we had a sudden birthday party at home...with a lot of last minute preparations.

Since that party was too quick, my parents decided to give another grand party to ALL relatives and friends and so organized another one after a week!!

So, there goes the third party!!!
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