Author: Poo
•8:01 AM
I just remember this one incident when they were in UKG. It was the last day of school and they came to me and said that tomorrow is celebration day and we need Rs.5 each to buy something and share with all. They said everyone in the class will be going and celebrating, pouring water on each other etc...I trusted them and gave them Rs.5 each and sent them.

The next day, they came home with partially wet uniform and all was well.

Later, just out of curiosity I started questioning them on the happenings of the day when a new story unfolded!!!! There was no celebration that was planned in the class. They had a couple of van friends from higher classes (2nd std and 1st std!!!), who had made the plan. They had decided to bring money from home, meet under a particular tree after school (I never in my wildest dreams imagined that my babies knew the way around the school...except from and to the van!!!! How naive can I be?!!!), go to the canteen, buy and eat snacks etc...later when these 4 came late to the van, the van anna had questioned them and they had poured water on him and teased him etc and the poor guy just shut up and brought them lil babies...were becoming lil rowdies...Rowdy Rackammas!!!!
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