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After the confirmation was over...I was like so happy. So was hubby and everyone else at home. But, the nausea and vomitting hit me like a bolt and my hormones seemed to be working overtime. One funny thing was that I used to be feel my best only in the mornings(!!) as against the normal morning sickness of everybody. I used to feel ok in the mornings but with a lot of aversion to many smells including talc, coffee, agarbathi (OOOOh...that was the worst!). My mouth and tongue acquired a strange metallic taste....and whatever I eat it used to feel hopeless.
I used to leave for work...fine, but once it starts becoming 10.30 a.m. or so I used to feel very queasy and then I will throw up the entire breakfast, then dutifully I will have a healthy salad with sprouts and veggies...then again after half hour throw up the entire thing...again feeling bad that baby might be hungry I'll pick up some juice...again throw then it will be lunch time and I will eat my healthy lunch (incl. spinach and egg everyday)...again throw up everything after half hour...then I will have buttermilk....throw up...cornflakes...throw up...milk...throw up...time to go I will return home totally dead after continuous eating and throwing up sessions. Luckily for me as my hubby was out of station and my entire pregnancy period I stayed with my mom and dad with hubby visting as often as possible.
Evening my mom will be waiting with some tiffin for me...which I will have and lie down...when I cross 7.30 p.m I will be a bit better...meaning the vomitting would stop but the nausea will never ever go away :-(. For almost 10 to 15 days I withstood this with advice from all that even if the food stays in your stomach for 10 mins some of it will digest and reach the baby...I believed it and was sincerely doing the eating-vomitting routine. But, at the end of that day in office when I threw up it was fully I was shocked and first thought was that "My god! I think I have blood cancer...that too when I am pregnant!". Turned out that because I was vomitting atleast 6 times a day, my entire food pipe was inflammed and that's the reason for the blood. Later, I decided whether baby is hungry or not, I don't care, I will eat only when absoulutely necessary!!! So much for maternal instincts!!!
The first 3 months were pretty much the same...that is total hell!!! I used to send hate mails (somewhat like "Howlers" in Harry Potter) to my hubby everyday...that is atleast 3 to 4 hate mails per day!!!! But, poor chap he never used to retaliate...he was sincerely reading every website on preganancy and knew all about mood swings and stuff that he was really supportive (Now he needs a pat on the back for the same!!!). He used to send me mails with all the dietary requirements on a week to week basis.
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