Author: Poo
•6:54 AM
Now there was something else bothering me. I started showing when I completed 2 that is really surprising for a first timer I guess (which I didn't know at that time). My mom used to pull my leg saying "Maybe you are having twins!". We all had a good laugh and brushed it aside. There was no reason to even give it a second thought as there was absolutely no history of twins in either my family or my hubby's.
Also, right from the very beginning I used to have a stretched feeling in my stomach as if it is going to burst. I didn't know why and when I asked a few other preggy colleagues they said they never felt that way. As the days passed my hunger grew I used to feel hungry every couple of hours and that hunger used to be like as if I haven't eaten for 2 days. I can stand or sit or do hands begin to shiver and I MUST eat immly. People named my baby as "Bakasuran or Bakasuri"!!! My mom was tired all the time cooking for me!!!
So, I thought that I was getting a paunch with all the overeating routine!!!
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