Author: Poo
•7:12 AM
Ok I guess all of us have heard the myth (which many of the educated and the so-called-mordern dayers!! still scruplously follow) that pregnant women must not go out on a solar eclipse day. Let alone go out, I have seen my neighbor (both husband and wife doctors!) shut herself up inside the house all day with all the curtains drawn tightly so that even the slightest sun's rays doesn't enter the house. Ok now to my story...I went on a saturday morning (I guess it was May 31st, 2003) to the lab along with my dad to give the test and then did some random shopping and came home...we were a bit surprised as the traffic was a bit less for a saturday. Only after coming home did we realise that during the exact time I was roaming around there was a solar ecplise!!!

But we just had a laugh about it. So, readers I am a living example for surviving a solar ecplise during pregnancy. So, please shed your superstitions. For all myths please check if there is any scientific proof...else please shed it...if not atleast do not poison the next generation with such myths.
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