Author: Poo
•7:10 AM
Long time since I fact this is my second post. A lot of things happened all of a sudden....
I have not been keeping very well. But, now am sort of ok I guess.
I basically started this blog to post about my daughters. Now, where do I start?
Ok lemme start from the real beginning. I never expected to conceive in the cycle that I actually conceived!!! (Did I make any sense?!!!). Ok so like in the real "Cinema Style" it never struck me that I might me pregnant till the day I started feeling giddy and actually threw up!!! It just hit me like a bolt and I started counting the days and I was like 48 days. What a surprise? We were planning to start the family so I was really happy. Hubby was out of town so I went to the doc with my mom and dad and she confirmed it almost immediately. Next day I took the customary test just for the records!!!
Now I have small story for this. Let me put it in my next post!!!
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